Mexican cuisine is famous for its bold, complex flavors. Recipes range from simple and pure to sophisticated. Now you can learn how to recreate authentic Mexican cuisine in the comfort of your own home with our tested recipes.

Learn how to make fresh tortillas and salsas, seasonings and tomato sauces that are the base for more complex dishes. Fresh ingredients used in Mexican cuisine can be easily found at your local supermarket, farmers market and specialty store. Our recipes are simple and quick to prepare, and are suitable for cooks of all skill levels. You can be sure to find here all your favorite Mexican recipes, including classics such as quesadillas, enchiladas, guacamole, fresh salsas, rellenos and many more. Mexican cuisine is all about building complex dishes using simple and flavorful ingredients.

FreeMexicanRecipes.org is the ultimate guide to creating authentic Mexican recipes in your own kitchen. This site offers easy and delicious recipes, from appetizers to main dishes, soups and desserts. Learn how to make traditional Mexican dishes and impress your guests by preparing a Mexican feast from scratch.

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