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Mexico: The Beautiful Cookbook by Susanna Palazuelos

Susanna Palazuelos is an experienced chef/caterer, and her recipes are inviting, her headnotes informative; Ignacio Urquiza’s photographs of the food are eyecatching but uncontrived. There are many unusual dishes here, both traditional and contemporary, and most are far more sophisticated than the Tex-Mex fare many Americans identify as Mexican food.
The Best of Mexico by Evie Righter

In The Best of Mexico, food editor Evie Righter has chosen the finest examples of culinary creativity from this intriguing and vibrant country. From the chiles, chocolate, nuts, and tomatoes puréed into exquisite sauces, to the corn, beans, avocados, and seafood combined into flavorful dishes, she presents the Mexican cook’s ingredients and techniques in a clear and accessible style that will enlighten and inspire.

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